Axure is a pretty commonly used prototyping tool and FontIcons provides you with a large set of high quality icons. Using these two together can speed up your prototyping process significantly. Here's how you can do it.

Enabling FontAwesome in your Axure app

  • Download FontAwesome if you don't already have it and uzip the downloaded file.
  • Look for the fonts directory in the unzipped file. It should contain the fonts needed for FontAwesome.
  • You need to install this font on your system. If you are a windows user, you can do so by opening the start menu an typing %windir%\fonts and a window opens up listing the fonts that are installed in the system. The drag and drop the font from your unzipped directory into this window.
  • Restart Axure if it was already open.
  • Download this widget library by Axure.
  • Load this library into your application from your Widgets panel - > click on the drop down -> Load library.

You should now be able to drag an drop FontAwesome icons on your pages.

Enabling Font Awesome in your Generated Prototype

Now lets ensure that our prototypes can even open on systems that dont have font awesome installed.
- Go to Publish -> Generete HTML Files -> Web Fonts. If you are using version FontAwesome 4.4.0, you can copy this url and add it as a new font. You can modify the URL for future versions of FontAwesome.